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I’m a seasoned and award-winning creative who loves to take a product and turn it into a visual that compels people to buy it.  My thrill is the actual process of working with a team from concept to execution.  I’m that team player that can juggle lots of different positions - photographer, art director, studio manager, producer, stylist - with great pleasure.  And yes, I can ride a unicycle.

It’s been my good fortune to work with top brands like Under Armour, Target, Macy’s, Nordstrom,, Aldo, Garnet Hill, and LL Bean. Photo shoots have taken me to the top of Mount Hood, Oregon in a sub-zero blizzard to 5-star resorts in Hawaii, and photo studios across the country. Lots and lots of studios. I’ve been responsible for driving prop usage, narrative, lighting, composition, cropping, and overall aesthetic decisions for multiple shots per day across a wide variety of products and brands. I love the process of planning and shooting, as well as supervising image editing and workflow that crosses digital, direct mail, social and POP channels for a cohesive and strategic brand experience.

My strength is being the nerve center of a fast-moving creative team and engaging them with multiple resources and innovative solutions. After years of doing this, I have an intuitive sense that drives my ability to anticipate gaps in budgets, develop new talent, knowing when creative input is needed, and most importantly, remaining eager to find solutions and support the team. One of my defining qualities is a high level of loyalty and ability to achieve the bottom line with a happy team intact.

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